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Why do MicroMetl economizers need a metal air filter screen?

MicroMetl rooftop economizers require an aluminum pre-filter to protect the equipment from outdoor elements. Without a metal air filter, large airborne particulate will enter the unit and potentially damage the high-efficiency filters inside. This negatively affects unit performance and increases repair and maintenance costs. Installing a quality metal air filter in your MicroMetl unit provides protection, improves performance and reduces service costs.

MicroMetl Economizer Filters
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What is the best metal air filter to use for the MicroMetl economizer?

The best metal air filters are durable, washable and reusable. Our filters use a high-quality media pack with face grids on both sides, which keep the media tight inside the frame for a rigid and durable filter. It allows the filter to operate at high airflow speeds and withstand repeated washings.

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