22x24x1-3/4 Exact Custom Nominal Aluminum Screen Mesh Mist Eliminator


22 x 24 x 1-3/4″ Exact Aluminum Screen Mesh Moisture Separator Filter


The HM Series Moisture Separator is an impingement type panel filter that serves two important functions: its primary purpose is to collect large water droplets and oil mist from the air stream and divert the liquid to an appropriate drain; its secondary function is as a washable particulate filter. The HM Series is built for use in outside air ducts, side-access housings and built-up filter banks. Other applications include chilled water coils and mist-type humidifiers. The HM Series is designed for higher airflow velocities. It performs best in a system running at no more than 10% above or below its rated velocity of 500 fpm.

The HM Series uses a 24-gauge metal frame to enclose the media pack consisting of multiple layers of corrugated and flat screen wire positioned for efficient drainage. The pack is then placed between two layers of expanded metal, and is made to fit firmly inside the frame giving the HM Series filter exceptional strength and durability. The bottom of the filter has 3/8” diameter drain holes and the top is identified with proper positioning for drainage and airflow. The frame is made with mitered corners and is secured with pop-rivet(s).

Filter Cleaning and Coating
1. To clean a dirty filter, rinse it with a moderate-to-heavy stream of warm water. High-powered steam cleaning or chemical dips are unnecessary and not recommended.
2. The HM Series filter is not supplied from the factory with filter adhesive coating. If desired, it may be sprayed before installation with Filter Coat, a water soluble adhesive and detergent. Metal Air Filters does not sell Filter Coat nor any adhesive.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 22 × 24 × 1.75 in
Media Material

Aluminum Mesh