25x25x1 Nominal Air Filter Pad Holding Frame, With Retainer Gate


25 X 25 X 1 Nominal HVAC Filter Media Pad Holding Frame, With Retainer Gate


Maximize your system’s efficiency with our galvanized steel HVAC filter media pad holding frame – your definitive solution for secure and efficient commercial HVAC applications. Designed with precision, this tool embodies the perfect blend of functionality, ease of use, and enduring performance.

At the heart of this indispensable product is its secure and firm holding design, offering your media pads the perfect fit and optimal functioning. It’s an opportunity to elevate the performance of your HVAC system and boost air filtration efficiency dramatically.

Built from galvanized steel to withstand the demands of heavy-duty use, our HVAC filter media pad holding frame is a paragon of strength and resilience. With its robust construction, anticipate a truly long-lasting performance that makes it an exceptional asset for your business.

Our holding frame sets the standard in ease of installation. Its user-friendly design simplifies the placement of your media pads, significantly reducing setup time. Plus, the frame facilitates hassle-free pad replacement, ensuring your system’s air quality and uptime are consistently at their peak.

Investing in our HVAC Filter Media Pad Holding Frame means opting for superior air quality, prolonged HVAC system life, and absolute peace of mind. It’s not just about securing a product; it’s about aligning yourself with a commitment to unparalleled quality and top-notch service.

With our industry-leading reputation for providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service, your trust in us is well-placed. Act now to ensure your HVAC system’s robust future. Make the smart move today for a satisfying and rewarding tomorrow.

Choose our HVAC Filter Media Pad Holding Frame for your operations. It’s not just a simple transaction; it’s a step towards excellence. Seize this opportunity for optimal air quality. Opt for the best – choose MetalAirFilters.com

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 24.5 × 24.5 × 0.875 in

American Metal Filter Company

Media Material


Frame Material

Galvanized Steel