27.625″x31.750″x1.750″ Exact Aluminum Foil Mesh Air Filter, Pack of 1


27-5/8″ X 31-3/4″ X 1-3/4″ Exact Aluminum Framed Flat Aluminum Foil Mesh Air Filter


The HX series expanded aluminum foil filter is an impingement type panel filter designed for use in residential, commercial and industrial HVAC applications to remove airborne particulate and coolant mist from the air stream. Popular outdoor applications include outside air intake ducts, rooftop economizer hoods and air handling units. Popular indoor applications include electronic are cleaners, ceiling vent fans, central air conditioners, computer environment systems, room air conditioners and wall heaters.

The HX Series filter uses an aluminum frame to enclose the media pack. The bonded, progressive-density media pack consists of multiple layers of aluminum foil slit and expanded to several different size openings. The layers are arranged with larger openings at the air entrance and smaller openings at the air exit. This design causes airborne contaminants to be trapped throughout the entire filter depth rather than just on the surface. The frame is made with mitered corners and is secured with pop-rivet(s). The frame has drain holes in three corners.

Filter Cleaning and Coating
1. To clean a dirty filter, rinse it with a moderate-to-heavy stream of warm water. High-powered steam cleaning or chemical dips are unnecessary and not recommended.nor any adhesive.
2. The HX Series filter is not supplied from the factory with filter adhesive coating. If desired, it may be sprayed before installation with Filter Coat, a water soluble adhesive and detergent. Metal Air Filters does not sell Filter Coat nor any adhesive.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 27.625 × 31.75 × 1.75 in
Media Material

Aluminum Mesh