Custom Mist Eliminator Air Filter, Galvanized Steel, 2 Inch Thick

As low as $0.25 per sq inch

Please provide actual L x W measurements down to the 1/16th inch. Example: “15 x 24.1875” Custom size filters are not returnable so please double check before ordering.

1/16 = .0625 9/16″ = .5625
1/8 = .125 5/8″ = .625
3/16 = .1875 11/16″ = .6875
1/4 = .25 3/4″ = .75
5/16 = .3125 13/16″ = .8125
3/8 = .375 7/8″ = .875
7/16 = .4375 15/16″ = .9375
1/2 = .5 1″ = 1

Use your keyboard up and down arrow keys to adjust dimensions by 0.0625 increments.


Experience superior performance with our Custom Mist Eliminator HVAC Filters, tailored to your professional needs. Meticulously manufactured with three distinct materials to choose from – Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, and Stainless Steel – you’re certain to find the ideal match for your HVAC system’s demands.

The mist eliminator, also known as moisture separator, is the distinguishing feature of this filter. As air flows through the filter, moisture in the form of humidity or water droplets is effectively separated from the air stream. This feature is particularly crucial in environments where excess moisture could negatively impact machinery, product quality, or overall process efficiency.

Beginning with our Custom Aluminum Mist Eliminator Filters, renowned for their lightweight nature, these filters provide a perfect balance between robustness and practicality. Aluminum’s superior corrosion resistance and strength-to-weight ratio make it a formidable choice in combating airborne particulates, ensuring cleaner, fresher air for your HVAC systems and your indoor air quality (IAQ).

Progress upward to Galvanized Steel with our Custom Galvanized Steel Mist Eliminator Filters. This unique blend of strength and durability offers a robust solution to your air filtration needs. Its inherent resistance to rust and corrosion means it stands strong in high-moisture environments, making it an excellent choice for industrial and coastal areas.

Premium stainless steel provides for the utmost in resilience and longevity. Celebrated for its unrivaled corrosion resistance, even at high temperatures, stainless steel offers a level of durability that’s hard to match. This metal is known for its sterility, which, coupled with its non-porous nature, offers enhanced hygiene – a crucial factor in healthcare and food preparation environments. This material’s inherent toughness means these filters not only perform exceptionally well, but they also require less frequent replacement – a win-win for any professional.

MetalAirFilters Mist Eliminators, also known as moisture separators, go beyond the call of duty, providing an extra layer of protection against airborne moisture. This is crucial in environments where excess humidity can pose significant challenges to machinery performance and product quality. By efficiently intercepting and removing airborne moisture, these filters help prevent the growth of mold and bacteria, enhancing indoor air quality and safeguarding the health of occupants.

MetalAirFilters Mist Eliminators are also skilled at blocking a broad array of particles, from dust and pollen to bacteria and mold spores. This high-level particle arrestance is key to maintaining clean, healthy indoor air, enhancing the overall operational efficiency of your HVAC systems, and promoting a healthier indoor environment.

At the heart of our service is the Easy CustomsSM product page. It is the embodiment of our dedication to your convenience and satisfaction. This seamless customization process ensures your filters are precisely tailored to your needs, making the experience of ordering custom filters truly effortless.

In the face of today’s air quality challenges, compromise is never an option for your HVAC system’s performance. Opt for our Custom Mist Eliminator HVAC Filters and let the superior performance of our filters elevate your HVAC operations. Make the smart choice today with MetalAirFilters – the preferred choice of professionals!

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